Blog: Articles on Psychological Wellbeing, Relationships, Brain Health, Counselling and Neurofeedback

Welcome to the blog of Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback. Articles posted here are written by our clinical staff and relate to services we offer or conditions we address. We hope they will be helpful to you in some way, whether you're considering counselling for yourself or someone else, gathering information on a mental health related issue, or just want to find out more about who we are and what we do.

  • A Strategy for Feeling Calm: Train your Brain with Neurofeedback
    Do you ever find yourself in a situation when your mind goes blank? Maybe you experience your mind suddenly racing and you can’t decide amoung the myriad of thoughts blasting Read more
  • Self Leadership: Working with Your Internal Family System
    Have you ever felt pulled in two opposing directions, unable to make a decision? Or planned to have a productive day, only to find yourself easily distracted and unable to Read more
  • Understanding Emotion
    We often think of emotions as being either positive or negative. But the idea that we should aim to only have ‘positive’ emotions such as happiness, hope and compassion is Read more
  • Online Anxiety Groups
    Beginning in September and October, Sojourn is offering group counselling online for those struggling with anxiety. Read more
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation: A Tool for Stress Relief
    Post-Pandemic Stress Some say absence makes the heart grow fonder. During the COVID-19 outbreak we have been asked to stay home and thus have had the opportunity to discover whether the Read more
  • Announcing a New Addition
    We are delighted to announce the addition of a new Advanced Intern to the Sojourn Team! Shahrzad Jamali is in her final semester in the Masters of Marriage and Family Read more
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?
    Couples generally consult us at Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback when their relationship is struggling and they're looking to find a way back to the intimacy and connectedness they experienced earlier Read more
  • Sensory Focus: Back from the Future
    Humans have an amazing ability to travel through time.  The summer of 2020 will mark the 35th anniversary of the classic time-travel movie “Back to the Future”.  I loved watching Marty Read more
  • Revealing Assumptions: "Here's What I Make Up About That..."
    “Can I talk to you about something?…”Talking to your partner about something that they have done that is bothering you can be difficult. Your partner can often feel accused, and Read more
  • The Relationship Tango
    How is it that we sometimes feel so out of sync with our loved ones? It is particularly confusing when finding ourselves often hurting or hurt by those closest to Read more
  • Anxiety: Fight, Flight, and False Alarms
    What we experience as anxiety and stress could be the result of an alarm system stuck “on.” False alarms are often caused by unaddressed trauma from the past. Read more
  • Depression Treatment
    It has been well established that counselling is an effective treatment for depression. From the turn of the century when Freud noticed that patients got better as they were allowed Read more
  • Brain Optimization With Neurofeedback
    Almost everyone, it seems, wants to change something about their brains. Whether to improve on an ability for increased performance like memory, cognitive speed, or reaction time, or to recover Read more
  • Healing From PTSD
    Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can seem like a nightmare. The symptoms of PTSD can be triggered by even the slightest of stimuli. Although it is most commonly Read more
  • Befriending Your Inner Critic
    Why is it that we are often our own worst enemies? The harsh voices of reprimand and admonition can leave us feeling stuck and depressed, or afraid of attempting anything Read more
  • Grieving Well
    Grief is a natural psychological state in the aftermath of a loss. It is accompanied by a variety of emotions that can sometimes feel like depression. This article helps readers determine whether they are experiencing grief and if so, what they can do to allow it take its course. Read more



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