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Now you can train your brain from the comfort and convenience of home. Take one of our rental neurofeedback systems home with you and train whenever you want, as often as you want. 

NeurOptimal Rental

Benefits of Renting a Neurofeedback System

Home training reduces the price per session. Our rental systems allow for an unlimited number of sessions during the rental period. For example, one daily session would cost the renter $33 per session, whereas each session done in the office costs $95 - $145 per session. Renting a neurofeedback system can be a cost-effective option for families, as multiple family members in the home are able to train with the same instrument. 

For those with busy lives it can be a challenge to find time to get to the office for regular appointments or find appointment times that fit with clinician's schedules. Renting a neurofeedback system allows you to run a session without having to leave the house. This option is particularly ideal for people less mobile and those who find it difficult to leave home.

Train More Often
Taking a rental unit home can provide the option of training more frequently. While we encourage training multiple times per week, many are too busy to get to the office for more than one. We highly recommend training three or more times weekly for acute cases and faster improvement.

Choose From Two Types of Home Neurofeedback Systems

NeurOptimal Rental

NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training System
NeurOptimal trains the entire EEG spectrum for increased flexibility and resilience. Psychological symptoms are often correlated with nervous system inflexibility or disorganization. NeurOptimal gives the brain feedback whenever these patters are occurring to promote improved stability and complexity.

Neurofeedback Monitoring

Protocol-Based Neurofeedback System
This system allows us to tailor a brain training protocol that is specific to your brain and your goals. The electrical activity of your brain is assessed from nine locations on the head and we set up your personalized protocol based on a brain map generated from this data. Each home training session can be monitored from our office and protocols adjusted remotely to ensure you’re getting the most from your neurofeedback training. The rental fee for this system includes brain maps, EEG assessments, clinical questionnaires, and unlimited training for 30 days. For more information on this rental system see Jonathan's blog article.

Myndlift Home Neurofeedback System


$995/30 days for unlimited sessions

Learn more about neurofeedback and the types we offer.

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