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Welcome to the blog of Sojourn counseling and Neurofeedback. Articles posted here are written by our clinical staff and relate to services we offer or conditions we address. We hope they will be helpful to you in some way, whether you're considering counseling for yourself or someone else, gathering information on a mental health related issue, or just want to find out more about who we are and what we do.

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Helping Couples Forgive

In the fifth conversation of our "Hold Me Tight" series, we explore the crucial topic of forgiving injuries within intimate relationships. Forgiveness is not about forgetting or condoning hurtful behavior, but rather about acknowledging the pain, letting go of resentment, and moving forward to restore emotional bonds. Unresolved injuries can lead to feelings of resentment, anxiety, and emotional withdrawal, creating barriers to intimacy and trust. By understanding the impact of these unresolved hurts, couples can appreciate the importance of forgiveness in maintaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship. We outlined the steps to forgiving injuries, which include acknowledging the hurt, expressing emotions, understanding the context, rebuilding trust, and committing to change. A practical exercise, the Forgiveness Dialogue, guides couples through these steps in a structured manner, promoting empathy, open communication, and mutual understanding. This dialogue helps partners to share their perspectives, listen actively, express empathy, and work towards rebuilding trust. Read More

Building Emotional Connection

This blog post explores "Engaging and Connecting," a key conversation from Sue Johnson's book Hold Me Tight, emphasizing the importance of emotional engagement in creating secure, loving relationships. Emotional engagement involves being available, responsive, and attuned to your partner's needs, fostering a deep, mutual connection. The post provides practical steps and exercises, such as active listening and expressing empathy, to help couples deepen their bond. It also highlights the benefits of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in addressing negative interaction patterns and enhancing emotional responsiveness. By prioritizing emotional engagement, couples can build a more secure, intimate, and fulfilling relationship. Read More

Healing Together as a Couple: Revisiting and Resolving Arguments

In our latest installment of the "Hold Me Tight" series, we explore Conversation 3: "Revisiting a Rocky Moment," a crucial step for couples seeking to heal and strengthen their relationship. This conversation encourages partners to address and learn from past conflicts, transforming potential sources of ongoing tension into opportunities for emotional growth and deeper understanding. We provide a detailed guide on how to select, discuss, and learn from these challenging moments, emphasizing the importance of empathy, non-defensive listening, and open communication. Additionally, we introduce practical exercises designed to help couples engage in these conversations constructively. The post also offers insights into how Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) can facilitate this process, providing tools to break negative cycles and enhance emotional connections. For couples looking to deepen their bonds and heal from past hurts, this guide is an invaluable resource. Join us to discover how revisiting rocky moments can pave the way for a stronger, more resilient relationship. Read More

Can Couples Fall Back in Love? - Navigating Past Pain

This article guides couples on a journey to deepen their connection by identifying and addressing their emotional raw spots, using practical exercises designed to foster understanding and empathy. It emphasizes the importance of open communication, regular check-ins, and the cultivation of positive experiences to strengthen the relationship. For couples needing further assistance, Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback offers professional support to navigate challenges and rekindle their love. Read More

Embracing Emotional Connection: Conversations that Deepen Love Relationships

This article introduces the foundational concepts of Dr. Susan Johnson's "Hold Me Tight," emphasizing the importance of emotional connection in relationships through Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). It outlines the seven conversations essential for deepening intimacy and provides an activity for couples to recognize and address negative communication patterns, known as Demon Dialogues. The piece encourages readers to use these insights as a complement to therapy and to explore the book "Hold Me Tight" for a more comprehensive understanding of building a secure, lasting bond. Read More

Navigating Emotional Distress in Relationships: An Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Approach

Navigating the turbulent waters of emotional distress within a relationship can often feel like being lost without a compass. Whether it's the sting of miscommunication, the weight of unresolved conflicts, Read More

Is a Clinical Counsellor the Same as a Therapist?

This article explores the distinctions and similarities between clinical counsellors and therapists, aiming to clarify these roles within the mental health field. It highlights the differences in educational background, areas of specialization, and therapeutic approaches, while also noting the shared goals of improving mental health and emotional well-being. Guidance is offered on how to choose the right professional based on individual needs, emphasizing the importance of personal comfort and the therapist's or counsellor's expertise. The piece concludes by encouraging readers to make informed decisions in their mental health journey, underscoring the personalized support available at Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback. Read More

Trauma and Therapy: Beyond Fight or Flight

This article provides an insightful exploration into the effects of trauma on the nervous system, examining the neurobiology of trauma, its stages, and its responses, including the fight-or-flight and dissociative responses. It discusses advancements in the understanding and diagnosis of PTSD and complex trauma, highlighting complex PTSD (cPTSD) and Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD) and their broader impacts on emotional regulation and psychological development. Additionally, the article delves into how trauma affects brain function, particularly focusing on structures like the HPA axis, amygdala, and hippocampus, and underscores the importance of a holistic healing approach. Concluding with an overview of Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback's comprehensive care approach, it emphasizes their integration of trauma-informed talk therapy and neurofeedback to address both symptoms and underlying causes, fostering long-term healing and resilience. Read More

How Much Does a Counsellor Cost in Surrey, BC?

This article provides a comprehensive overview of counselling costs in Surrey, BC, focusing on how factors like therapy type, therapist qualifications, and session length affect pricing. It highlights the recommended rates for Registered Clinical Counsellors as set by the BCACC and discusses various coverage options, including private insurance and employee assistance programs. The article emphasizes the long-term value of counselling and outlines Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback's approach to pricing, including experience-based rates and reduced costs for sessions with Master's level interns. It concludes by guiding readers on finding a suitable therapist within their budget at Sojourn Counselling and Neurofeedback. Read More

Neurofeedback: A Promising Tool for Addressing Long Covid Symptoms

The Mysteries and Challenges of Long CovidWe’ve all been weathering the impacts of a global pandemic, but for some, the journey has been far from straightforward. Have you ever felt Read More

Counselling Versus Neurofeedback: How to Choose Between Two Effective Approaches to Mental Health

Neurofeedback and counselling are two distinct approaches to mental health treatment, each offering unique benefits. While neurofeedback targets underlying brain activity, traditional counselling focuses on emotional processing and developing coping strategies. This guide helps you explore both options, empowering you to choose the therapy that best suits your needs. Read More

Medication or Psychotherapy? Unpacking Treatment Options for Mental Health

This comprehensive guide helps individuals navigate mental health treatment options, discussing the benefits and limitations of both medication and psychotherapy. It provides practical steps for finding a therapist and emphasizes the importance of supportive community in mental health management. Read More

Discover the Surprising Parallels Between Counselling and Exercise for Improved Well-Being

Counselling and exercise are two activities that can have numerous positive effects on a person's mental and physical health. While they are very different activities, they share many similarities in Read More

Five Ways to Prepare for your First Counselling Session

How to Prepare for your First Counselling Session If you’ve never been to therapy before, you might feel nervous or anxious before your first session. This is a very common experience Read More

Why Can’t I Get Out of Bed?

Why Can't I Get Out of Bed? Depression is an unfortunately common mental health condition that affects millions of people around the world. It is characterized by feelings of sadness, hopelessness, Read More

Simple Ways to Manage Sleep for Better Mental Health

Sleep deprivation is a severe problem for many Canadians. And if you’re living with a mental health condition, you already know that it can be especially challenging to get a Read More

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