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Announcing a New Addition

Intern Shahrzad Jamali

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new Advanced Intern to the Sojourn Team! Shahrzad Jamali is in her final semester in the Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy program and brings with her a warm, respectful presence to her work.

Shahrzad has practicum and internship experience working with individuals, couples and families facing relationship issues, the pain of loss, and cultural transition. She has personally experienced various life transitions and is well equipped to help others through the losses, trauma, and complexities of this process.

Having studied psychology and neuroscience at UBC, and worked with individuals on the autism spectrum and their families for six years, we are looking forward to adding her skill set to our neurofeedback team.

Shahrzad is currently taking new clients at the Sojourn Surrey office and via videoconferencing. Please note that while she is an Intern her rates have been reduced, however these will increase in the next few months when she is registered with a professional counselling body. View her schedule and book an appointment with her today!



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