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Online Anxiety Groups

Participate in group therapy online

Are you struggling with anxiety from this global pandemic? Perhaps you’re wondering how to cope with feelings of overwhelm?

This online anxiety group is for all those who are interested in finally tackling their anxiety head on. It’s a safe space for you confront your anxious thoughts and process feelings of overwhelm with others facing similar challenges. It’s also a place where you can learn all about anxiety from a scientific lens coupled with evidence-based coping strategies.

Topics covered will feature changing anxious thoughts, replacing unhealthy safety behaviours with healthier choices, confronting scary thoughts, feelings and sensations, learning to relax through mindfulness, acceptance and meditation and many others.

The groups runs in two sections:
Group 1: September 15th- October 20th
Tuesday nights from 6pm - 8pm

Group 2: November 5th- December 10th
Thursdays from 6pm - 8pm

There are 10 slots open for each of the groups so reserve your spot today.

The total cost for the group runs to $240+ GST. This includes all 6 session (12 hours).

Method of delivery:
We are providing this anxiety group safely and securely via Zoom (video conferencing platform that is encrypted) so participants can engage from the comfort and convenience of home. Once you have signed up and paid the registration fee, one of the facilitators will contact you with information about how to login to the sessions.

Benefits of the group:
-It’s a safe place to work through difficult feelings in a private, intimate setting
-It provides companionship and emotional support of like-minded people
-It helps you learn simple tools and evidence-based strategies to beat anxiety
-It gives you access to worksheets, references and other online resources to track your progress
-Experienced facilitators are available to support and guide you throughout the group as well as in between sessions
-It lasts only 6 sessions
-It’s conducted at a convenient time in the evenings
-Suitable for anybody struggling with anxiety”

Shahrzad Jamali and Shaniah Quadras, Interns in the last semester of their Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy program at Trinity Western University.
Experienced with regard to working with individuals and couples with a whole host of problems ranging from depression, anxiety, grief relationship issues, etc.



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