Andrew Phillipps

Andrew Phillipps

The human condition is fraught with challenges and it can be agonizing to carry your burdens alone. That’s why I believe it is my calling to help people journey through life in a way that alleviates their burdens and reduces the sense of isolation. Because I see everything in life as interconnected, I use a systemic approach known as Internal Family Systems that connects you to different parts of yourself in order to improve the intrapsychic as well as interpersonal connection.

I am also a big proponent of incorporating mindfulness techniques within psychotherapy, as I believe increasing awareness of one’s own behavioural patterns is a driver of personal transformation. My goal is to provide a warm, accepting and calm space for clients to mindfully explore their challenges with life in a secure, non-judgemental environment. Change occurs when an individual feels secure enough within an accepting relationship to explore their feelings, and move past emotional issues that may prevent them from living authentically. Mindfulness is an essential tool because it helps to identify issues to work on in counselling, and also serves as a tool to empower people to remain in the present even when something from the past is triggering, or something from the future is anxiety-provoking.

Another unique element to my practice is the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as it emphasizes seeking balance in all things. Emotional issues arise due to imbalances within the psyche, and mindfulness helps to identify these imbalances, as well as any maladaptive behavioural patterns. Traditional Chinese Medicine has given me insight into Eastern, collectivist thought, which helps me to understand different client worldviews.  

I am currently working on a MA in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University, which has provided me with the necessary skills to first and foremost develop a secure therapeutic alliance and work with a variety of issues like anxiety, depression, grief, relational issues, addiction, and life transitions. I have also completed a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course from Langara College, as well as the ASIST suicide intervention course from the Crisis Centre. I have 6 years of experience as a support worker caring for mentally challenged clients, and have an abundance of practice with remaining calm, centered and attentive during stressful circumstances. I aim to use interventions and design a treatment approach that is tailored specifically to you. No matter who you are and where you come from, my therapeutic practice will ensure that you feel seen, heard and understood. I commend you for taking this step and choosing Counselling as a modality for your healing and it will be my honour to work with you.

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