Amandeep Brar

Amandeep Brar Therapist

I am enrolled in a Master of Counselling degree at City University in Vancouver and have experience working with high risk youth and their families as a Safe Schools support staff.

Therapeutic Approach
My therapeutic approach comes from a multicultural, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive lens. Within my sessions I draw on a variety of approaches, such as Person-Centered, Cognitive Behavioural, and Mindfulness theories. I often work with those who are struggling with anxiety, trauma, and clients that are new to therapy. I know therapy can appear intimidating and have a lot of uncertainty around it, that’s why I spend individualized time with all my clients to create a trusting environment. Whether you're familiar with therapy or new to it, you can expect to be welcomed with kindness, acceptance, and openness. My hope as a counsellor is to give you choice in therapy, while co-creating a toolbox to help you identify, as well as manage your emotions in your life. It would be a privilege to be able to walk alongside my client’s journey in self-reflection and healing. 

I am motivated to understand and relate to people from all walks of life. I welcome youth, adolescents, families, and couples.

My identity as a first generation Southeast Asian woman of colour, has come with experiences of struggling to balance my bicultural upbringing with pressures to please family and do well with peers. My childhood and adolescence took me through my own journey of understanding mental health and the importance of supporting myself as well as asking for help when I needed. I have always appreciated that part of myself that was able to provide support and space for others, and while I had many experiences along the way, I believe that those parts were preparing me for becoming a counsellor.

I look forward to working with you.

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